Treutlen Upholstery

questons you may have

1.  Do you do complete, car interior? Yes I do, as well as furniture, boats, ATV seat's, motorcycle seats, Churches, airplanes and campers. The list goes on. 

2. Do you furnish the fabric or can I buy my own? You can buy your own or you can buy from me, whichever you prefer, but, if you need extra padding or anything else, that will be extra.

3. Do you do repairs? Yes

4.Do you add extra padding? Yes if it is needed

5. What kind of turn around do you have? On complete car interiors, it usually takes around 2 weeks. On furniture it depends on what you have or how backed up I am. It could take from one to 2  weeks and possible 3 weeks.

6.How long does it take for fabric to come once it is ordered? From 2-6 days most of the time.

7. Is your work guaranteed? My work is Guaranteed labor only for 90 days. 

8.What kind of fabrics do you have. I have solids, florals, stripes,  Jaquards, Damasks, leather, vinyl, recycled leather, marine vinyl. Alligator, Croc, Ostrich, Lizard, snake, Mohair, fur, Micro Fiber, suede, velvets and more.

9. Do you do Monograming? Yes, I get Ernie at JMAC in Vidalia, Ga. to do all ,my Monograming. His prices vary and are very reasonable.

10. Any more questions, just feel free to ask.